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Hanoi To Develop Smart City

VIETNAM: Hanoi To Develop Smart City

Hanoi To Develop Smart City

VIETNAM: Amid Hanoi’s rise as an economic, political and cultural centre of Vietnam, the city looks set to join the smart urban development trend. A move that will be supported by the local government, experts as well as the city’s economic potential, human capital and technical infrastructure.

In fact, developments for the smart city has already begun due to the development of an iParking mobile search facility, a Timbuyt app for searching and taking buses as well as a smart map for the location of flooding points.

However, in order to fully achieve the development of a smart city, Chief Architect of Viettel’s Smart City Group, Le Quoc Huu has recommended that the city develop a comprehensive infrastructure layout and urban management plan so that an integrated system of data collection, analysis and management can be attained. Similarly, experts have also highlighted that the city will need to ascertain its technological needs and how a new information network can be integrated into the city’s existing infrastructure before the city’s technical foundation can be established. Along with that, experts have also commented that the city would require open mechanisms to ensure that information and data can be exchanged between itself and other localities.


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