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HELLER Group Company Wenzler And MAPAL Pool Knowledge

HELLER Group Company Wenzler And MAPAL Pool Knowledge

When a sports car manufacturer ran short on structural parts, it put its trust in the process expertise of the mechanical engineers at August Wenzler Maschinenbau GmbH, who pooled its expertise with tool manufacturer MAPAL. 

Established in 1954 in Spaichingen, Germany, August Wenzler Maschinenbau GmbH started by constructing specialised machines. Over many decades, they produced rotary table machines, which were used to manufacture fittings for the most part.

Wenzler became part of the HELLER Group in 2009. The machine portfolio was completely revamped from specialised machines to manufacturing standard 5-axis machining centres.

Wenzler is responsible for structural part solutions within the HELLER Group. What’s special about the machining centre model VKM is that up to two centres can be integrated in one machine base. This enables a compact layout with good accessibility. Combined with a high degree of agility and minimum quantity lubrication, this makes the VKM model ideally suitable for machining aluminium structural parts.

All complex technological parts (e.g. rotary axes and main spindles) are sourced by Wenzler from HELLER. The machine’s translational axes are located in the tool and the rotary axes in the workpiece. This allows the integration of large travel ranges with dimensions of 1500 x 1250 mm.

Low Weight, High Tempo

Usually, machines of this size are designed for high machining volumes, which makes them correspondingly heavy and slow. Wenzler picked a different approach and built a lightweight and very agile machine.

The machining volume for structural parts is relatively small considering the size of the machine and is achieved by means of light to mid cuts. Moreover, the machine has to be able to absorb vibrations resulting from the machining process. The high degree of agility is vital for keeping non-productive time short.


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