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Hexagon machine tool measurement helps portal milling machine fly

Hexagon Machine Tool Measurement Helps Portal Milling Machine Fly

Hexagon machine tool measurement specifically its radio-wave touch probe and HxGN NC Server assure quality on custom milling machine for the aerospace industry.

Zimmermann GmbH’s aerospace industry customer tasked them to develop a bespoke portal milling machine to manufacture complex titanium suspensions for aeroplane control surfaces. The new system needs to handle the programming of production paths, all milling operations and on-machine component inspections.

In taking on the challenge, Zimmermann chose Hexagon Machine Tool Measurement solutions for its custom build to manage in-process and final quality inspections of the manufactured parts.

From Neuhausen auf den Fildern in Germany, Zimmermann is a technology leader known for its large high-performance portal milling machines and horizontal machining centres. The export-oriented machine builder has delivered more than 550 machines to 37 countries worldwide.

In addition to supplying standardised machines that guarantee customers an efficient high-precision milling process, Zimmermann also develops and produces individual custom-built milling solutions to address more complex and unique application challenges. That adds to the challenges the company faces, warranting the decision to select Hexagon machine tool measurement.


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