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Hexagon SmartScan Helps Sallegger Technologies In Complex Machines Building

Hexagon SmartScan Helps Sallegger Technologies In Complex Machines Building

Hexagon SmartScan series keeps Austria-based Sallegger Technologies in pole position for building complex equipment.

Sallegger Technologies is an engineering company that builds complex machines and plants for the automotive, electronics, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, agricultural and tobacco industries, as well as for environmental and process engineering. After 27 years of innovative solutions and persistent striving for quality, Sallegger Technologies is one of the leading companies in its sector in Austria with help from Hexagon.

The company specialises in quality control in production, 3D printed parts, reverse engineering and metrology services as its main areas of application. In addition to contract manufacturing of prototypes and series, the company also offers 3D scanning and subsequent data processing, and because of this is Austria’s only provider in the field of additive manufacturing.

In product development, customers are accompanied throughout the entire development process, from international procurement of parts to CE assessment and documentation. In the search for competent partners in 3D measurement technology during at the Hexagon Scanning Day event in Spielberg – the Austrian home of Formula 1 – in autumn 2019, Sallegger Technologies found Hexagon’s structured light scanner technology together with Duwe-3d AG and PolyWorks software to offer the best overall measurement system for its tasks.

Since then, Hexagon and Duwe-3d AG have been supporting the engineering office in its projects and providing advice on the measurement, analysis and reconstruction of components.

“Sallegger Technologies is a partner of Hexagon – service requests they receive are passed on directly to us,” explains Thomas Pfeifer, Head of Innovations at Sallegger. “The fast and highly accurate SmartScan R12 optical 3D scanner is our primary measuring instrument. It is one of the leading metrology solutions for complex surface geometries and, thanks to non-contact fringe projection scanning technology, is also optimally suited for sensitive or easily deformable parts. At the same time, the fringe projection scanning technology ensures pin-sharp imaging down to the smallest detail.”


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