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BLUM's laser measuring system and automation key to Günter Stoffel Medizintechnik GmbH’s success

BLUM's laser measuring system and automation key to Günter Stoffel Medizintechnik GmbH’s success

BLUM’s Unmanned Laser Systems and Probes Keeps Productivity Up

BLUM’s high precision standards sustain Günter Stoffel Medizintechnik GmbH’s night operations, APMEN reports.

The Tuttlingen area is a centre for medical equipment specialists of all sizes and fields. At Günter Stoffel Medizintechnik GmbH in Wurmlingen, Germany, high-precision CNC processing and traditional craftsmanship are at the heart of the company’s success.

Productivity is ensured by probes, laser measuring systems and tool setting probes from Blum-Novotest, which play an essential role in the unmanned production of extremely small components.

Key To Productivity

An important factor for Stoffel is productivity. For this reason, the company invested in a five-axis milling machine from DMG MORI in 2021, along with a laser measuring system from BLUM and automation with a Fanuc robot, which inserts blanks and removes the finished parts.

The new machine can work overnight or the whole weekend without human intervention. However, it is essential that the tools be monitored during unmanned production to detect tool breakage, wear or damage to the tool cutting edges.

This is the only way to prevent scrap production by means of automatic corrections or, for example, by replacement with a sister tool.

“All Stoffel instruments have ultra-high level of precision in common. Whether it’s the tiny spoons of biopsy forceps, whose edges must connect to within one-hundredth of a millimetre to be able to cut with precision, or tweezers with the tiniest of teeth at their tip – our job is to manufacture products with the accuracy necessary to ensure that the multi-part instruments can be assembled and function properly,” comments Dieter Stoffel, Managing Director. “With the exception of electropolishing, all production steps are performed in-house.” Parts produced on advanced CNC centres are deburred, adapted, polished and installed by hand.


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