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How A Metalworking Fluid Can Be Critical Success Factor

How A Metalworking Fluid Can Be Critical Success Factor

How A Metalworking Fluid Can Be Critical Success Factor

What prompted Yida Precision Engineering to switch to a new coolant fluid for its 17 machines? Read on to find out. Article by Blaser Swisslube.

Established in 2006, Yida Precision Engineering is an ISO-certified company operating from a 6,000 square feet facility and supporting customers with cost-effective, time-sensitive and quality assured precision engineering solutions.

The Singapore-based company employs around 50 people and serves industries such as the oil and gas, aerospace, semiconductor, as well as consumer electronics. Yida Precision Engineering always thrives for continuous improvement and serves their customers in the best possible way.

In an effort to achieve improvements in the workshop, including cleaner machines and better maintenance, Steven Boh, sales executive at Yida Precision, was keen to know more about Blaser Synergy 735.

Trials and results

Johnny Chia of Blaser Swisslube Singapore visited Yida Precision. “At the customer site, we first evaluated the given parameters such as water quality, materials to be machined, and the processes. Then, we recommended the appropriate coolant solution,” he explained.

Convinced that the new Synergy 735 is the perfect match for Yida Precision, Blaser experts convinced Boh, a long-time customer of Blaser’s, for a trial.

And so, the first machine was filled. For a period of four weeks, Boh and his team tested the new coolant in-depth.

“Synergy 735 convinced us with easy maintenance, and better tool life even for exotic alloys. Better surface finishing and better visibility trump up. As the colour of the coolant is transparent, we have a better view of the operation,” explained Boh.

But that is not all. He also saved money due to the lower concentration of Synergy 735. Thanks to the ideal formulation of Synergy 735, the coolant ensures long-term cleanliness of the machine. On top of that, the operators also profit from a cleaner workshop.

“With the new coolant solution, we were able to improve our competitiveness towards players from other countries,” said Boh. After the test-run, he switched all of his 17 machines to the new synthetic coolant, which features longer tool life and ensures a cleaner workshop.

Not only did Synergy 735 proved itself, but the continuous amazing customer service from Blaser Swisslube did as well. Blaser not only helped in regards to the coolant, but also provided Yida Precision valuable advice when it comes to machining strategy and programming.

Productivity, economic efficiency and machining quality are factors that critically depend on the choice and the quality of the metalworking fluid. “With our profound know-how and experience, customized services and excellent products, we help our customers to fully capitalize on the potential of machines and tools and to turn the metalworking fluid into a key success factor – a Liquid Tool,” said Marc Blaser, CEO of Blaser Swisslube.


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