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Huawei To Focus Its Investments In AI

Huawei Technologies is looking to increase its investment in AI due to the projected long term benefits to its internal management efficiency and the advantages associated with an intelligent product line.

Ahead of the Huawei Connect 2018 conference, Huang Weiwei, a senior management consultant at Huawei, has said that, “A huge investment in top AI talent will inevitably bring big cost pressures for the company but in the long run there will be benefits as the improved efficiency and productivity will help the company to earn even bigger profits.” He has also projected that AI alone could contribute to as much as 90 percent of the company’s revenue despite AI based manpower being relatively small compared to the total number of employees.

According to a Sequoia China report that was released in August this year, the number of AI companies in China reached 1,011 as of June 2018, which makes China the second most AI dense country in the world, with the first being the U.S. While on the whole, China aims to revolutionise its landscape in areas such as healthcare, automobile and security through the adoption of AI with the country’s State Council even laying out a three-step road map for AI development in July 2017. This is also in retaliation to the ongoing trade and technology war with the U.S.


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