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Hypertherm Implements Strategies to Enhance Preventive Maintenance Program In Asia

Hypertherm Implements Strategies to Enhance Preventive Maintenance Program In Asia

Hypertherm Implements Strategies to Enhance Preventive Maintenance Program In Asia

Hypertherm has announced new strategies to encourage existing users in Asia Pacific to sign up for timely preventive maintenance sessions.

As with most machines, Hypertherm cutting systems require proper care and maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. However, the concept of preventive maintenance is often misconstrued as non-essential, and it is frequently the first to go when companies are forced to consider cost-cutting measures.

“Most users avoid proactive maintenance due to a perceived opportunity cost of shutdowns, preferring to use alternatives that are seemingly cheaper at the onset or conduct reactive repairs only when their machines break down,” shared Desmond Neo, Consumables Sales Manager at Hypertherm. “Unfortunately, these approaches, more often than not, end up being less efficient or more costly in the long-run.”

A frequent substitute that users turn to is engaging third-party service providers that are not recognised by Hypertherm. These companies are not well-equipped with the necessary skills to maintain Hypertherm’s equipment or to weed out potential issues. Instead, they often make improper modifications to the cutting system in an attempt to address users’ complaints, causing further damage to the machine. As a result, such users end up suffering the consequences of extended downtime due to unplanned maintenance, and eventually spend more money to get the system repaired — both of which can be avoided with Hypertherm’s preventive maintenance program.

Hypertherm and its partners offer customers a full suite of preventive maintenance measures — starting with a standard, complete systems check. Through a systematic approach, the team will also impart knowledge on proper plasma operation and best practices for preventive maintenance to operators, engineers, and key decision-makers. In addition, the preventive maintenance program offers its end users numerous opportunities to optimise their plasma systems, reduce potential downtime, and avoid costly repairs.

Customers based in Asia Pacific can also tap on Hypertherm’s well-trained and qualified channel partners for comprehensive preventive maintenance support. Apart from undergoing a rigorous selection process, these partners complete a specially developed training module and undertake a bi-annual renewal assessment conducted by Hypertherm’s Technical Service Engineers. These efforts help Hypertherm ensure the end users across the region receive preventive maintenance services of a consistent quality.

“We are very satisfied with the preventive maintenance suite of services offered by Hypertherm,” commented Kawin Nualla-ong, Manager at LADA Industry Groups Co., Ltd, a Thailand-based machinery manufacturer. “It keeps our XPR system running at full capacity at all times, and it allows us to get the job done much more quickly than before.”

Neo concluded, “Hypertherm’s preventive maintenance program is a comprehensive package that enables our users to enjoy maximum productivity, while minimising the operating costs of cutting systems. With regular maintenance, the likelihood of emergency repairs and unplanned downtime will be significantly reduced.”


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