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ProNest LT CAD/CAM nesting software for light industrial cutting applications is now available for low-cost subscription .

ProNest LT CAD/CAM nesting software for light industrial cutting applications is now available for low-cost subscription .

Hypertherm Intros Subscription Pricing Model for ProNest LT Nesting Software

Hypertherm is now offering low-cost subscription pricing for its ProNest LT CAD/CAM nesting software for light industrial cutting applications. Rather than purchasing the software outright, as is typically required, smaller companies and individuals who have air or conventional plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines can now subscribe to ProNest LT on a monthly, annual, or three-year basis.

Monthly pricing begins at US$29.99 and subscribers have the freedom to start a subscription, add or remove users or features when needed, and cancel anytime.

In the past, small businesses including general fabricators, artistic metal workers, sign-makers, and HVAC duct shops, often had to rely on software that didn’t fully meet their needs. Technical support was often limited to self-help online. Achieving optimal cutting outcomes right from the first cut wasn’t easily possible. However, with ProNest LT, subscribers get access to one-on-one live support from knowledgeable professionals, in addition to online resources such as video tutorials. Also, expert-level cutting parameters based on the specific material type and thickness are included with the software setup providing optimal part separations, leads, and kerf compensation for the job. Advanced automatic nesting is also available to ensure good material yield for those larger jobs.

“ProNest LT provides a single software solution for businesses running smaller CNC tables. And though the software is designed to support any brand of plasma or oxyfuel, users will find the software delivers the ultimate performance when used with Hypertherm Powermax and MAXPRO systems giving the best possible cut quality, productivity, and efficiency,” said Derek Weston, product marketing manager for Hypertherm CAM software and controls. “It gives them access to professional grade cut quality at an affordable price in an easy to learn package that comes with unlimited technical support.”



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