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IIoT Specialists Vital For Japan’s Machine Tool Industry

IIoT Specialists Vital For Japan’s Machine Tool Industry manufacturers

IIoT Specialists Vital For Japan’s Machine Tool Industry

Tokyo, Japan: The Japanese government has urged domestic manufacturers to implement the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in practice to alleviate workforce shortages. 

Machine tool manufacturers should keep abreast on the latest developments in IIoT as it grows in prominence in the manufacturing industry, as it can help them leverage on the technology. It is also important for manufacturers to acquire the right specialists to advance in the IIoT environment.

DMG Mori, a machine tool manufacturer, has opened a new advanced technology centre at its global headquarters in Tokyo. Masahiko Mori, president of the company, said that developing the skills of technology specialists is important, and that they also need to understand the workings of the industry.

“You cannot think of ways to introduce technologies like IoT in machine tools unless you know what is happening on the ground,” said Mr Mori.

The company will select employees aged 35 or younger to start working as researchers at the technology centre, where they will spend two years obtaining a range of specialist qualifications related to artificial intelligence and IIoT technologies. The move is to develop staff that will lead open-innovation initiatives or technologies that cross over to the information technology industry.

The company hopes that by implementing the IIoT into their manufacturing process, it will be able to produce a wider variety of products in smaller quantities more efficiently.

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