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Mr. Ryan Liu From CNC-Takang

[TMTS 2018] Interview With Mr. Ryan Liu From CNC-Takang

[TMTS 2018] Interview With Mr. Ryan Liu From CNC-Takang

Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News is pleased to conduct an interview with Mr. Ryan Liu from CNC-Takang regarding his views on the current and future market outlook for Taiwan’s metalworking industry.

Mr. Ryan Liu from CNC-Takang

1.What has been the business focus of CNC-Takang in 2018?

Originally, the company’s main markets are in Russia, India and Western Europe such as Germany. However, the company is now shifting its focus to the US and the Southeast Asian market due predominantly to currency challenges in other markets. The company also has an office in the US as strong service standards are required in order to meet market demands as well as the country’s strict regulatory requirements. Similarly, in order to meet the quality standards in our markets in the US and Europe, our products have been certified to be able to meet DIN standards.

2. What would be the company’s business focus in 2019?

As the US economy is growing, the US market will be an area of focus in 2019. This is also because the Taiwanese market is currently experiencing limitations due to the policies by the Chinese government and local manufacturers will require more support from the Taiwanese government as well as the establishment of more trade agreements if they were to invest their growth in the local market. In the meantime, other markets that are of interest to the company are Vietnam and Thailand as both countries are experiencing growth in their economies.

3. What do you think will be the trends in Taiwan’s metalworking industry in 2019?

Due to the ongoing trade war, the Taiwanese manufacturing industry will experience a downturn at least till the first quarter of 2019. This is also because the larger Taiwanese manufacturers have factories in China and at least 30 percent of their exports are being produced from their factories in China.

4. What are your views on the Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS) 2018?

The show has improved every year and the location of the show in Taichung is optimal as 90 percent of the local machine building industry and its associated supporting industries are located here.


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