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KASTOwin amc is equipped with a turning device that can rotate workpieces by 180 deg.

KASTOwin amc is equipped with a turning device that can rotate workpieces by 180 deg.

KASTO Enable Meticulous Sawing Of Additively-manufactured Components

KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG will be showcasing a high-performance automatic band saw especially designed to handle individual cuts of additively-produced components—the KASTOwin amc—at Formnext, the international trade fair for additive manufacturing technologies and their upstream and downstream processes. Formnext will be held from November 19–22 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Specially designed for separating additively-manufactured components from their base plates, the KASTOwin amc is equipped with a turning device that can rotate workpieces by 180°. The parts are machined upside down—a much safer process because they cannot overturn or buckle after cutting; the parts simply fall into the intended container without being damaged. The base plate can be easily placed on the device with a crane or handling device and screwed on manually.

The KASTOwin amc is fully enclosed to prevent the ambient air from becoming contaminated with tiny particles, which are detrimental to health and may arise during the machining of additively manufactured components. The machine is prepared for the connection of an extraction system and it also provides easy access for material supply and removal. The safety doors can be opened for loading and unloading of the base plate. The user enters the thickness of the baseplate via the standard SmartControl controller and the saw then automatically saws the parts to the corresponding dimensions. The cutting range of the KASTOwin amc is standard at 400 x 400mm, but an optional version with a cutting range of 500 x 400mm is also available. The KASTOwin amc can be monitored by remote control for easy troubleshooting and the optimisation of processes.

With its innovative sawing concept, KASTO is also part of the NextGenAM project, which is aimed at automating additive manufacturing in industrial environments. The initiators are the aerospace supplier Premium AEROTEC, the vehicle manufacturer Daimler and the technology provider EOS. The project is aimed at the development of a complete system to produce aluminium components for the automotive and aerospace industries. Within the framework of this project, the KASTOwin amc is used in the Technology Centre in Varel (TZV), where the first automated pilot plant for industrial 3D printing and post-processing has been commissioned.

KASTO will be at Booth 120 – E51E at Formnext.



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