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Kennametal KBH10 For Hard Turning

Kennametal released the KBH10—an uncoated polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PcBN) turning insert offering wear resistance needed to turn hardened metals up to 65 Rc and low cutting force, increasing tool life.

The PcBN composition is designed for up to 20 percent higher cutting speed—about 180 m/min or 590 sfm, saves on insert costs and substantially reducing downtime due to tool changeovers. It is able to achieve Ra 0.2—surface requirement being less than Ra .04 μm, and Rz 1 surface roughness, maintaining the profile and dimensional tolerances of less than 4 μm.

Ideally suited for fine-finishing operations, its shape offers sharper and freer cutting—reducing cutting forces by up to 40 percent. With lower cutting pressure and heat, crater and flank wear is decreased.

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