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Image Source: Kennametal

Image Source: Kennametal

Kennametal: Narrow Slotting Cutter

Kennametal’s Narrow Slotting (KNS) cutter, with which automakers can separate cast exhaust manifolds and steering components. Equipment manufacturers can cost-effectively mill the clamping slots on shaft supports and stock collars. Power generation and electronics companies now have a more productive way to machine keyways, add heatsink grooves, yokes, and O-ring grooves.

A series of cutters can be mounted on an arbor called “Gang Milling” to either machine multiple grooves at once or conduct multiple cutoff operations. This tool can also be used to remove five-axis machined or 3D-printed parts from their base material.

The cutter has a Double-V design for secure insert retention. A combination of radial and axial positioning not only improves tool life but part accuracy as well. The insert range accommodates slot widths from 1.6 mm to 6.4 mm (0.063 in. to 0.250 in).

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