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Key To Success For Efficient And Cost-effective Product Manufacturing

Key To Success For Efficient And Cost-effective Product Manufacturing

Key To Success For Efficient And Cost-effective Product Manufacturing

Marposs is helping the manufacturing industry transition to smarter factories with a new machine protection, and tool and process monitoring system.

Artis DA strain sensor detects surface tension of machine components.

In the factory of the future, a permanent exchange of information takes place. A considerable part of the information about machining processes is gathered by various sensors, which provide intelligent monitoring systems with the necessary data for the analysis and evaluation of production processes.

Marposs, one of the leading providers of inspection, measurement and process control solutions worldwide, is helping the manufacturing industry transition to smarter factories with the release of the Artis machine protection, machine monitoring, and tool and process monitoring system. Featuring the new data management system C-THRU4.0, Artis also has new sensors, intelligent stand-alone and integrated system modules, informative visualizations and adaptable software solutions are all available.

Artis monitoring systems support the technological requirements for manufacturing processes in different industry sectors such as electromobility, aerospace, and orthopaedics, among others. In addition to possible optimizations of current and new production technologies, Artis is a success factor for efficient and cost-effective product manufacturing. In addition to typical metal-cutting processes, assembly, deep rolling or friction stir welding processes can be reliably monitored and controlled—parallel to the process in real-time.

Machine protection

VisuScope: Artis diagnostic tool.

Collisions and crashes can never be completely avoided. The risk of accidental damage to production equipment is particularly high during manual interventions. Powered with force sensors based on strain technology, Artis can be used in almost all robots, machines and equipment to quickly (<1 ms) detect and minimize the effects of such dynamic or quasi-static events. The sensors absorb elastic deformation, like torsion, feed force or surface strain, as well as achieve an excellent linearity and repeatability over extended periods of time. In fact, insurance companies have recognized these system benefits and offer their customers up to 25 percent off machine insurance if an Artis machine protection system from Marposs is installed.

Machine monitoring

C-THRU4.0: Database management system.

Artis provides all the information required for predictive maintenance in a comprehensive and well-structured manner. They record the current status of production equipment via eddy current, vibration, temperature and gravity signals. The data collected help to identify anomalies in the machine, tool and workpiece at an early stage, allowing specific preventive interventions. Continuous acceleration measurements of up to three axes simultaneously is also possible.

Following or parallel to the machining process, the Artis diagnostic tool VisuScope, which can be employed for real time or off-line data evaluation, carries out the signal evaluation. Various signal filters and various diagnosis and display modes are available for analysis.

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