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Laser Blanking: Going From Design to Production in 6 Months

Laser Blanking: Going From Design to Production in 6 Months

Laser Blanking: Going From Design to Production in 6 Months

Laser blanking technology is the ideal solution for the mass production of vehicles that do not have a very large production run. Here’s why. Article by Fagor Arrasate.

Achieving shortened launch times for new vehicles has been a historic challenge for the automotive industry. The need to manufacture different dies to cut pieces with blanking presses adds months to this process. In addition, the industry is producing more different models than ever before, resulting in increased downtime for production changes.

“Now, a new technology that eliminates the need for dies and replaces them with laser cutting heads makes it possible to significantly shorten the time needed to bring a vehicle from the design table to the dealers,” says Ion Mendia, Laser Blanking Product Manager at Fagor Arrasate.

Gonvarri Valencia (Spain) has the first equipment of this type in southern Europe, supplied by Fagor Arrasate. Gonvarri Valencia Manager Juan Francisco Chicote estimates that by using laser blanking technology, time can be cut in half. He said that the design to production of a new car usually takes 15 months—but with laser blanking involved, a production time of six or eight months might be possible.

The absence of a die and the flexibility of these lines “allow us to reduce delivery times, modify the dimensions of the piece during the life of the project, optimise the design of the pieces, and even combine several references in the same cut,” points out Chicote. There is even the possibility of “being able to optimize the parts in the final lifetime of the vehicles.”

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