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Hypertherm Release Of Production Manager

Hypertherm Release Of Production Manager

Latest Product Launches From Kennametal To Mitsubishi Electric

ElectroCraft Releases NEMA23 Frame Size

ElectroCraft, the global fractional horsepower motor and motion solutions provider, has released a NEMA23 frame size to add to the ElectroCraft AxialPower™ Enhanced Series Stepper Linear Actuator product line.

ElectroCraft enhanced series linear actuators have been available in a NEMA11 frame size for several years but are now being offered in both NEMA17 and NEMA23 frames for greatly enhanced performance capabilities. In addition to multiple frame sizes, motors can be configured in different lengths and winding options to produce the needed motor torque and speed output. While the enhanced series offers 50 percent more output force than similar sized offerings, they also realise similar benefits in total life of product and ultra long-term reliability.

ElectroCraft Releases NEMA23 Frame Size

Hypertherm Release Of Production Manager

The release of Production Manager is an optional module for its ProNest® advanced CAD/CAM nesting software. This web-based module is designed to improve productivity, maximize machine up-time, boost on-time delivery, and increase material utilisation. Production Manager seamlessly integrates with Hypertherm’s EDGE Connect® CNC, to automatically capture machine data without the need for operator intervention. In addition, it displays real-time production data so team members across an organisation can track the status of job orders, the production schedule, and pending inventory requirements. 

Additional features include dashboard view, real-time information, flexible intervention and remote access. 

igus Presents The World’s Lightest Cobot

New ReBeL with fully integrated polymer strain wave gear lowers entry barriers in service robotics. With the new ReBeL, igus now presents a plastic cobot that weighs only ten kilograms. Together with low costs, low maintenance and simple operation, the ReBeL makes new innovative ideas in service robotics feasible for smaller companies and start-ups – from installed use on agricultural drones up to mobile support as household help. Many new innovative ideas are now becoming feasible: from use in an automated guided vehicle system to use as a bartender. 

Kennametal Introduces FIX8™ For Heavy-Duty Turning

Kennametal has released the FIX8™ heavy-duty turning system, delivering maximum metal removal rates in steel, stainless steel and cast iron. With eight cutting edges per insert, the FIX8 turning system increases productivity of any heavy-duty turning operation, providing the lowest cost per edge while reducing cutting forces up to 15 percent.

The tangential design of the FIX8 insert features a rigid clamping system that pulls the insert securely into the pocket seat, offering superior stability that enables the insert to withstand large cutting forces and vibrations for optimal performance. The insert is also supported by a replaceable carbide shim, protecting the pocket against deformation and damage.

Latest Version Of Evatronix SA, eviXscan 3D Software

The eviXscan 3D software update version 2.8 introduced an improvement of scanning parameters, which is noticeable especially to the older generation of eviXscan 3D scanners, such as measuring devices from Heavy Duty line (Quadro, Optima or Basic). This improvement allows for significantly better scanning results, so there is no need to replace the device with a newer model. Compared to previous versions of eviXscan 3D, the point cloud generation time has been significantly reduced in Suite 2.8.

The latest version of the software allows eviXscan 3D scanners to be integrated with Universal Robots and HAN*S robots without external plug-ins. 

Latest Version Of NUM Flexium Software

Available now, an enhanced RTCP (Rotation Tool Centre Point) function with tool vector programming that significantly simplifies the usage of five-axis machine tools.

NUM’s Flexium software, version or higher, now features a special HMI (Human-Machine Interface) to allow the corresponding correction values to be entered. The coordinate system resulting from the shifts and rotations is called a ‘Balanced Coordinate System’ (or BCS) and the compensation function is known as 3DWPC (3D workpiece compensation). Additionally, the software now includes a function to help machine users accelerate the roughing operation’s tunings and then achieve optimal surface finishes.

Latest Version Of NUM Flexium Software


Mencom’s New MIXO Modular Pneumatic Connections

Mencom announces an improved version of the MIXO modular pneumatic connection system that uses a new self-extinguishing thermoplastic insert and metal contacts. The new MIXO system not only allows more frequent mating cycles for compressed air distribution systems but also guarantees better mechanical resistance, increased airflow for transmitting dry and compressed air in pneumatic systems.

These metal pneumatic contacts can permanently withstand the constant pressure of 10 bar. The contacts can be mated up to 10,000 cycles when installed with HNM (High Number of Matings) series enclosures and frames for modular units, and up to 500 cycles when installed with MIXO frames and standard enclosures. In a single MIXO module, two different pneumatic fitting methods can be installed.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Low-voltage Air Circuit Breaker

Industry’s first electromagnetic operating mechanism* cuts maintenance costs and energy consumption. A new high-power electromagnet uses both tapered and magnetic latch structures in its movable iron core, realising the industry’s first electromagnetic operating mechanism, which requires only the same amount of power as a motorised control. 

Using electromagnetism instead of a spring for the operating mechanism reduces the number of components by 46% and maintenance requirements by 30% compared to conventional operating mechanisms that use a motor and spring, thereby improving maintainability. Not having to charge a spring conserves energy by reducing the use of electric power to open/close the circuit breaker by 88%.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Low-voltage Air Circuit Breaker

*(Among low-voltage air circuit breakers (as of December 2, 2021, according to internal research)




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