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LNC is exhibiting the SMB (smart machine box) with smart sensors and cloud platforms (Webaccess) in TMTS 2018. This demonstrates LNC’s total solutions for smart manufacturing. In the past, LNC has focused on high-quality and high precision controllers, but recently, the company is dedicated to developing an EtherCAT servo motor, inverters, expansion IO modules and relative EtherCAT accessories. This aligns to the company’s vision of promoting intelligent machines and manufacturing processes and  in order to achieve this goal, LNC has launched a total solution system that includes the SMB, smart sensors and a cloud system to the market.

Unlike the general SMB solutions in the market which are focused on networking and data acquiring; LNC’s smart box solution supports Fanuc, Mitsubishi, and Siemens control systems and offers several powerful functions including: axis control (ex: rotary table), EtherCAT communication interface for internal/external accessories connection, and also support robot control, RFID, Spindle monitoring, vision system connection, smart sensors and many other intelligent functions.

Through the smart sensors offered, LNC is introducing the market vibration sensors (SVI-1000 and SVI- 2000) and thermal control modules that are capable of fixing the impact caused by the key factors in manufacturing processing: vibration and temperature extremes. The vibration sensor series includes two models: SVI-1000 and SVI-2000. SVI-1000 can detect lower vibration frequency ranges while SVI-2000 can detect higher performance ranges and functions to support the EtherCAT interface with a communication slave, ETS-1000. With EtherCAT architecture, one slave is able to support 4 (max) SVI-2000 sensors and will be able to expand more slave modules for a great number of sensor connections. LNC also offers built-in Fourier transformation options to provide both time-domain and frequency-domain functions. Furthermore, the company’s products are capable of supporting auto detection of abnormal vibration during processing and this not only helps machine process monitoring, but it is also useful for users to be able to identify abnormal sections for further correction or programme optimisation. The company’s cloud platform is also capable of remote monitoring and central management and provides standard function pages such as, utilisation rate, machine information, maintenance scheduling and management, processing program management, alarm report and report exporting. LNC’s SMB has also won the Taiwan Excellence Award last year and the smart sensors were recongised for the same award this year.


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