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Looking for the Optimum Cutting Tool by ISCAR

Looking for the Optimum Tool

An insightful piece by ISCAR points the way to find the optimum tool, subject to different requirements and effectiveness.

How can we define the manufacturer’s expectations from cutting tool producers? Cutting tool producers are expected to provide optimal cutting tool solutions for a given application.

So, how is an optimal cutting tool defined for a specific application? It is obvious that standards must be set to achieve a formidable solution. Cutting tool standards are also defined by principles to enable choosing the best possible tool for a given application.

Technical literature often states one tool or another as being optimal for an application. Therefore, a clear definition of the optimality standard is essential. The criteria for finding the optimal cutting tool depends on various factors.

The type of manufacturing (short-run, large-scale, mass), product range, machined materials, machinery used, cutting strategies and more have a direct impact on the manufacturer’s selection of the most effective tool. The manufacturer is interested in a tool that guarantees the highest performance levels.

This can be achieved by optimising the tool geometry and producing the tool from the most relevant cutting material grade. But the chosen geometry and grade are tool key elements associated with the type of machined material.

So, what is the ideal tool for cutting? An example of an effective tool for machining cast iron, will most probably not be the best solution for machining heat-resistant superalloys.


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