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LVD Introduces Movit Line Of Automation Systems For Lasers

LVD Introduces Movit Line Of Automation Systems For Lasers

LVD Introduces Movit Line Of Automation Systems For Lasers

LVD introduces MOVit, a comprehensive range of automation systems, including new TAS (Tower Automation System) and WAS (Warehouse Automation System) options for LVD Phoenix and Electra laser cutting machines. MOVit systems also include LVD’s Compact Tower (CT-L), Flexible Automation (FA-L) and Load-Assist (LA).

New tower & warehouse systems

MOVit TAS is a single or double tower storage system that can be integrated with up to two laser cutting machines. This tower system offers 16 different configurations available for 3015, 4020 and 6020 laser machine formats.

MOVit WAS offers a custom number of towers beginning at a minimum of three towers, in single or double row configurations. Each pallet has a capacity of three or five tons and a stack height of 90 mm. Multiple laser cutting machines can be connected to the system using integrated load/unload devices. Output stations can be added to WAS to deliver cut sheets to a sorting area or sorted parts to other machines such as press brakes. WAS is available for 3015 and 4020 laser machine formats.

Both TAS and WAS offer the option for unloading directly on the machine/s. Cut sheets are unloaded on a third table where parts can be sorted and made available for additional processing.

The automation systems feature highly customisable configurations. They are designed to keep material flow continuous, production uninterrupted, and sheets and parts organised efficiently. The standard TAS and WAS configurations allow for full lights-out production as finished sheets are returned to available storage.


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