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Main Components of Wuling Electric Cars Are Still Imported

Main Components of Wuling Electric Cars Are Still Imported

Main Components of Wuling Electric Cars Are Still Imported

Wuling said the main component of his electric car, the Wuling Air EV, was still imported.

Jaffry Prabu Prakoso –

JAKARTA – The main components of the Wuling Air EV mini electric car are still imported. Wuling Motors makes sure to gradually enlarge local content. Wuling Motors Product Planning Danang Wiratmoko said that the main components are the battery and management system as well as the driving motor. Others, produced locally or imported. “Definitely gradually enlarging local content. But in these early stages, the main components are still imported,” he said.

Danang explained that Wuling did not rule out collaborating with battery manufacturers produced in Indonesia.

“The prospect is that if there is a good battery manufacturer and according to our specifications, yes, it can be,” he explained. Meanwhile, Wuling Air EV during development and planning also involved Indonesian workers. Danang said that the role was in terms of market research, pricing, color, and interior design.

Wuling Air EV is produced in Cikarang, West Java. This product from China that can be ordered in advance (preorder) has two types, namely a cruising range of 200 km and 300 km. Each was offered an initial IDR 250 million and IDR 300 million.

Carrying a modern and futuristic concept, Wuling Air EV has a console to the left of the driver. In that section, the rotary gear selector is present as a transmission operator with a rotary knob decorated with chrome rings and a unique pattern around it. In addition, the center console of the vehicle is also equipped with electric window operation buttons, electric parking brake, and auto-vehicle holding.

Wuling Motors Brand & Marketing Director Dian Asmahani said that the products they released were quite affordable. He believes that Air EV will be well received by the public. “If we look at the competition, technology, and features including battery capacity, we think this is the best price we can give to consumers,” he said.


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