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Makino’s Global Turnover Reached US$1.36B

Tokyo, Japan: A provider of manufacturing machine tool technology, Makino has achieved a global turnover of 153 billion yen (US$1.36 billion) in Europe, North and South America, and Asia in the fiscal year 2016, which ended 31st March 2017.

Dr P Anders Ingemarsson, president and chief executive officer of Makino Europe, reported that in fiscal year 2016 the company saw growth in North and South America by 10.3 percent, Europe by 8.5 percent and Asia by 4.2 percent (excluding Japan where turnover decreased by -7.9 percent), compared to the previous financial year (in local currencies).

Dr Ingemarsson also reported that the company’s operating income reached US$85.8 million, and net income totalled US$67.4 million.

“The investments made in expanding staff and infrastructures are paying off and the outlook for the financial year 2017 is promising,” said Dr Ingemarsson pointed out.

The company’s orders from Europe increased more than 70 percent with the bulk of the orders from the aerospace and industrial components sectors. Favourable market conditions accompanied by the launch of a wide range of new technologies by the company are expected to boost figures into the second half of financial year 2017.

Although growth was achieved in the other markets the company has a presence in, business in Japan saw a decline due to the success in the country’s die and mould market. The company expects to see increased investments in the current financial year, particularly in the automotive industry where many new models will be introduced. Additionally, a higher volume of orders is forecast as the company has invested in new machining centres for automotive die and mould applications.

Business growth in the rest of Asia mainly resulted from increased orders in the production machinery market, with the majority of the orders coming from China in the automotive and IT markets, and in India where applications in two- and four-wheel vehicles have increased.

The trends in China and India are expected to continue during the current financial year. The company is currently making an investment to expand the production capacity in Singapore to meet the market’s need for machining centres in Asia.

APMEN News, Oct 2017

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