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Mapal: HTC Technology With Lean Contour

Mapal’s hydraulic chuck incorporates a High Torque Chuck (HTC) technology with lean contour with the 3 deg back taper known from the shrink chuck.

The HTC technology is also suitable for all machining in contour-critical areas. It allows quick and simple clamping of the tool. The clamping range is very close to the chuck tip, ensuring optimum radial run-out (< 3 µm at the location bore, < 5 µm at 2.5 x diameter) and high shape accuracy with good vibration damping.

The damping in the system reduces microstructure cracking at the cutting edge. That in turn ensures long tool lives of the tool and less strain on the machine spindle. The balancing quality is G=2.5 at 25,000 revolutions per minute.

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