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Image Source: Javelin Technologies

Image Source: Javelin Technologies

Merger Of Canadian Additive Manufacturing Firms To Create ‘Powerhouse’

Canada: Javelin Technologies—specialist in 3D design engineering, additive manufacturing, automation and product data management, and Cimetrix Solutions—which provides additive manufacturing and laser scanning solutions to the industry and education sector, have merged to create a new 3D printing ‘powerhouse’.

With this new merger, they are well-equipped to serve their collective 6,000 customers and to offer new standards of service and support. The companies’ names will remain unchanged, and Cimetrix Solutions will be a division of Javelin Technologies.

Under this agreement, the new joint company’s senior management will comprise John Carlan and Ted Lee from Javelin Technologies, and James and Kirsten Janeteas from Cimetrix Solutions. All current employees will be part of this integrated company.

“Our focus has always been on taking care of our customers by understanding what drives their business and providing solutions that affect the bottom line. By combining our expertise and resources, we can be even more responsive and provide even deeper application knowledge and advice,” said James Janeteas.

The new company has branches at various locations across Canada—including Calgary, Dartmouth, Edmonton, Kitchener, Montreal, Oakville, Oshawa, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. Both partners have been contributing to high-growth sectors like energy, healthcare and manufacturing.

“We shorten the distance between idea and production, and help people and businesses execute well. Joining Javelin and Cimetrix means we are putting ourselves exactly where our customers will be and will need us to be,” Mr Lee said.

Casey Thivierge, director of engineering at A.V. Gauge & Fixture— an industrial gauges and fixtures manufacturer, agrees that the merger between Javelin and Cimetrix will help customers.

“Javelin and Cimetrix have been an integral part of our growth and development through the years. Now as a unified team, they will become an even stronger force with even more tools and resources to help us. Working with both of them has been and continues to be an outstanding experience. They will continue to propel us, as well as other Canadian businesses, into the future of advanced manufacturing,” Mr Thivierge commented.

Rich Garrity, president at Stratasys in the Americas, also said: “For the past 17 years, Stratasys has had strong representation in the Canadian market with our veteran partners Cimetrix Solutions and Javelin Technologies. The additive manufacturing landscape is changing at an ever-increasing rate and we value and need strong, industry-defining partnerships to help customers navigate.”

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