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Metal China 2023 - A New Chapter For Industry’s High-Quality Development

Metal China 2023 – A New Chapter For Industry’s High-Quality Development

On 8-11 May 2023, METAL CHINA was successfully held at Tianjin, converging nearly 1000 well-known enterprises over 30 countries and regions, opening a new chapter in the high-quality development of the foundry industry.

The exhibition covered an exhibition area over 80,000 sqm, with a total of 6 themed pavilions and over 100 supporting events, attracting 127,616 professional visitors from more than 30 countries and regions. As the first regular event in the post-pandemic era, METAL CHINA once again showcases its industry influences with its 36-year history.

The exhibition hall was filled with joyful and fruitful atmosphere, most of the exhibitors and visitors said, “There were many visitors visiting our booth, more than expected”, “we have made several deals at this exhibition”, “face-to-face communication is really exciting”, “there were so many international buyers, we have established contacts and preliminary intentions”, “it’s a fantastic event with well-organisation and round services”, “the exhibition is burst of vitality”, “it’s a worthwhile trip”, “we are looking forward to the next METAL CHINA.”.


In order to achieve the “mutual sanctification” of exhibitors and visitors, METAL CHINA 2023 comprised 6 themed halls of advanced foundry equipment, green raw and auxiliary materials, high-end casting, featuring in investment casting area, wear-resistant parts for mining and metallurgical heavy machinery and engineering machinery, industry cluster area, art casting area, and the like.

At the same time, Peru and Kenya pavilion showed the interaction of foundry and other elements. New technologies, products, and purchase orders built a bridge for the world foundry industrial chain.

During the four exhibition days, more than 100 exciting events were staged, focusing on the hot topic of high-quality development, including new product launches, theme forums, sourcing fair, strategic signing activities, and award ceremonies; Leading enterprises and SMEs present a vibrant development trend,

There was a whole industrial chain, from high-end castings to intelligent equipment, and green advanced materials. New products, technologies, solutions, and trends were intertwined with thoughtful discussions and innovative solutions. This reflected a blooming and thriving industry trend.

Exhibitor Comments: Windvane, Barometer And Touchstone

We showcased high-end wear-resistant casting products at this exhibition, attracting the attention of many domestic and foreign audiences on site. We had a different feeling about this year’s exhibition from previous ones, it was held in Tianjin for the first time. As a local enterprise, we are extremely proud to participate and showcase the strength of Tianjin enterprises at our doorstep.

In addition, we received old friends, and gained many new customers. From the first day of the exhibition, our booth reception had been very busy, and multiple cooperation intentions have been reached at the exhibition site.

We appreciate the high-quality visitors which translated to tangible results for us. Looking forward to the next China International Foundry Expo, let’s work together to promote the high-quality development of China’s casting industry.–Tianjin Lixinsheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

In the decades since entering Chinese market, Calderys has continuously expanded its scale and business. The company regards METAL CHINA as an important platform for brand and product promotion, and business negotiation. 

In 2023, it coincided with the independence of Calderys from France’s IMERYS Group and belongs to Platinum Company. After, it was strategically integrated with Harbison Walker International (HWI). Calderys China presented a new image at the expo.

Calderys China and S&B Bentonite (Chaoyang) jointly held the “Calderys Technology Day” and presented One Stop Shop Solution for foundry industry. All activities yielded fruitful results.

We hope to engage in more exchanges and cooperation with China Foundry Association in the future, using high-quality refractory materials and bentonite products and solutions to support the high-quality development of China’s foundry industry.–Calderys China Co., Ltd. and S&B Bentonite (Chaoyang) Co., Ltd.

This year is the 21st China International Foundry Expo, and also the 21st time that Sinto Group has participated. The expo was professionally robust with rich portfolio. The international level of visitors significantly improved, and it really reflects its position as a “wind vane” of the industry.

Through participating in METAL CHINA, we not only showcased the advanced foundry equipment, processes, and high-quality service concepts, but also reached our global customers. We hope under the leadership of China Foundry Association, METAL CHINA will become better in the future. At the same time, we also wish the Chinese foundry industry prosperous and prosperity.–Qingdao Sinto Machinery Co., Ltd.

China International Foundry Expo (METAL CHINA), created by China Foundry Association, has a development history of 37 years and is at a world-class level in terms of exhibition scale, industry status, and internationalism. CBMM and CITIC Metal made their debut in 2023.

Although it was our first, the results exceeded expectations: we built relationships with more Chinese enterprises, and saw more opportunities. METAL CHINA provides an effective platform for our company to explore the Chinese market. 

The Chinese foundry market is vast, and is also the prospects for cooperation between China and Brazil. We attach great importance to the Chinese market and hope to establish cooperation with more Chinese enterprises through the high-end platform in the future, achieve mutual benefit with complementary advantages. We look forward to the next exhibition.CBMM

METAL CHINA is the largest and most influential foundry industry exhibition in China, it comprehensively showcases the development level of China’s high-end castings, reflects the overall strength of China’s foundry industry, and proves to the world that China’s casting industry has grown from strength-to-strength.

At the exhibition, our company received robust attention and praise from numerous domestic and foreign visitors. Among them, our “HSTD144/294/710EF bearing seat” won the “Gold Award for First-class Casting”.

As an enterprise with a history of 120 years in casting production, our company participated in METAL CHINA for many years, and the Expo is our preferred show platform. At the Expo, we demonstrated our strong corporate brand, enhanced our confidence in development, and strengthened the company’s confidence and determination to continuously improve its product quality and help China Foundry go global.–Yantai Moon Intelligent Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd

High Praise From International Buyers

We got a lot of information and many supplier for our business from METAL CHINA 2023. There were a lot of factories and agents with steel raw materials we are finding. Hoping to join in the next event.–Thailand Visitors

We have achieved our goals as expected. China has rapidly developed in recent years. During the last three years, although there were signs of decline in the manufacturing industry, it provided more space for high-end enterprises to rise through industry integration.

Technically, the independently developed products in China’s foundry industry have emerged at a fast pace and low cost, which has better stabilised China’s position as a leading foundry nation. At the same time, the strong demand for new products and processes from various foundry enterprises garnered more global attention to the Chinese market.–Japan Visitors

We achieved all the goals we had set out. Overall an eye opening experience I think. We’re in the process of negotiating some deals, mostly for raw materials, but there’s some for machinery as well. Thank you for the top notch service.–Vietnam Buyers

The visit to METAL CHINA 2023 in Tianjin was very good and unexpected! We were very excited and also shocked at the rapid development of China’s foundry industry in recent years. We have got a lot of information, learnt about the latest development of the foundry industry, and achieved multiple purchasing requests. It’s really a great trip!–Belarus Buyers

We were very excited to participate in Metal China again. At the exhibition, we have met old and new friends after a long time, we have learnt a lot from the numerous new products, technologies and solutions as well. Wish China’s foundry industry a prosperous development and looking forward to the next year.–Malaysia Buyers

Larger Scale, Higher Level, Higher Quality

A brand new METAL CHINA will be staged in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) again (held in Shanghai in even years), from 4-7 July 2024. A larger scale, high level industry event, covering foundry, diecasting, metalforming, heat treatment, surface engineering, welding, jointly created by 5 industry associations, will grandly display with nearly 1500 exhibitors and 150 supporting programs, which will build a high-quality development industrial chain of the foundry industry. 

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