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Metal Cutting Technology For High Risk Environments

Metal Cutting Technology (Water Jet) For High Risk Environments

In this paper, Fei Xue explores pulsed water jet in high risk environments for metal cutting.

A metal cutting technology, the self-excited oscillation pulsed water jet, which is a kind of discontinuous jet and produces pulsed impacts, is developed based on fluid dynamics, hydraulics, resonance and elastic theory of fluid. It is commonly agreed that the selective amplification and feedback of disturbance are the core elements to produce the pulsed jet as per Figure 1.

In Fig. 1(a), after water flow gets through the upstream nozzle, the high velocity and instable shear layer is disturbed by surrounding environment. The cross section of the jet, therefore, begins to expand and surpass the area of downstream nozzle.

When the jet reaches downstream nozzle, it collides with downstream wall dramatically because of high kinetic energy. Since the collision lasts very short time, the majority of kinetic energy has been pushed back as reflected wave, which is called feedback in Fig. 1(b).

The reflected wave has a strong ability to weaken the upcoming water flow, so the water jet during feedback process is weak. When the reflected wave arrives at upstream wall, the similar collision would happen again.

At this time, the pressured wave is acting to accelerate the water flow substantially. The water jet within this time would have a strong power. In metal cutting, this process runs over and over in Helmholtz cavity, and produces periodic pulsed jet.


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