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Modi Says India Will Send Manned Flight Into Space By 2022

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Modi Says India Will Send Manned Flight Into Space By 2022

India: India will send a manned flight into space by 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Wednesday as part of India’s Independence day celebrations.

He said country will become the fourth country once Russia, the North American country and China to achieve the deed and its cosmonaut are often someone or a lady. The artificial satellite which can transport India’s astronauts was tested several days earlier.

Rakesh Sharma was the first Indian to travel in house, aboard a Soviet rocket in 1984. As a region of its own programme, active since the Sixties, country has launched many satellites for itself and completely different countries and successfully place one in orbit around Mars in 2014.

It hopes to showcase its technological ability to explore the system whereas together practice analysis from house et al. to resolve problems reception. The $1 billion-a-year programme has already helped develop satellite, communication and remote-sensing technologies and has been accustomed gauge underground water levels and predict weather among the country at risk of cycles of drought and flood.

India won independence from British colonialists in 1947. Modi’s 80-minute speech, broadcast live from the historic Red Fort in metropolis, comes months before national elections.

He said country will become a growth engine for the earth economy as a result of the “sleeping elephant” has began to run on the rear of structural economic reforms.

He said the structural reforms kind of a national tax replacement varied state and native taxes, bankruptcy and financial condition laws, and a suppression on corruption have helped make over the economy.

Modi became prime minister once his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party won a strong success among the national elections in 2014. He will fire another 5-year term for his party at elections due by March-April next year.



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