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MVTec Exhibits Embedded Vision Solutions At Embedded World

MVTec Exhibits Embedded Vision Solutions At Embedded World

MVTec Exhibits Embedded Vision Solutions At Embedded World

With embedded vision solutions a primary focus of its product portfolio, MVTec Software GmbH demonstrates the robustness, speed, and reliability of its machine vision software in embedded systems at embedded world 2020 in Nuremberg.  Visitors to booth 203 in hall 4 will be able to take a first-hand look at the features of the latest releases of MVTec’s standard machine vision software products HALCON and MERLIC. The manufacturer will also emphasise the benefits of professional, commercial machine vision software and provide insight into the comprehensive applications of deep learning technologies on embedded devices.

Live demonstrations clarify practical application scenarios

A number of live demonstrations will provide practical insight into embedded vision applications. For example, a multi-platform setup will show how four embedded boards perform different tasks with HALCON and MERLIC, thereby showcasing the wide range of platforms on which MVTec’s software runs. Another demonstration will illustrate how MVTec MERLIC identifies and checks medical test tubes as objects. It uses the PALLAS smart camera from MVTec’s Chinese partner DAHENG IMAGING.

In a third demonstration, five standard examples of deep learning will be run simultaneously – namely, semantic segmentation, object detection, classification, optical character recognition (OCR), and the latest MVTec feature: anomaly detection. An NVIDIA Xavier will be used as the platform.


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