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NAP 2020 Drives Malaysia’s Automotive Sector

NAP 2020 Drives Malaysia’s Automotive Sector

NAP 2020 Drives Malaysia’s Automotive Sector

The Malaysian government has launched the National Automotive Policy (NAP) 2020 which will contribute MYR 104.2 billion to the economy over the next decade as Malaysia aims to be the regional leader in the automotive sector. Three key technological elements are introduced in NAP 2020—Next Generation Vehicle, Mobility as a Service and Industrial Revolution 4.0. Furthermore, it will focus on three strategies—value chain development (enhancing competitiveness of domestic value chain), human capital development (developing local talent) as well as safety, environment and consumerism (promoting adoption of environmentally friendly technologies).

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“The proposed new Malaysian Vehicle Project will emphasise on research and development and incorporation of the latest technologies in order to be competitive in both domestic and global markets. New technology clusters as well as new expert workforce, especially in the field of automotive engineering would be developed consequently,” said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

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Accelerating the automotive sector will not only benefit car manufacturers, but also encourage development of new technologies that will complement other industrial sectors. “The technologies embedded within the car provide immense opportunities for related industrial sectors to break new grounds. Linkages to both upstream sectors such as steel, plastics and rubber and the downstream value chain demonstrate that the automotive industry is one of the most important and strategic contributors to the overall growth of the manufacturing sector,” he said.


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