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Norway To Build The World's First Ship Tunnel

Norwegian Coastal Administration

Norway To Build The World’s First Ship Tunnel

Norway: The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) plans to build the world’s first sea tunnel for ships to bypass the dangerous waters of its western coast.

The 1,700 m long and 36 m wide tunnel will be carved through the mountainous Stad Peninsula, which will enable ships to steer clear of the treacherous parts of sea. Construction is expected to start at the earliest in 2019 and the tunnel is expected to open in 2023.

Tunnels for boats have been built through mountain ranges before but the new US$315 million project will be the first of its kind to facilitate access for freight and passenger ships weighing up to 16,000 tonnes.

Construction will begin at opposite sides of the mountain, where workers will drill horizontally through solid rock until they meet in the middle. Once the top of the tunnel is hollowed out, the arch will be reinforced by applying concrete sprayed with a hose. From there workers will build service routes to transport excavated sediment from the top of the tunnel to the sea, where ships will dispose of the rock.

“We experience great interest in the project, beyond that it is a project that will secure safe journeys and transportation of passengers and freight on the most exposed and dangerous part of the Norwegian coast,” said Terje Andreassen, project manager for Stad ship tunnel at NCA.


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