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Okuma’s CNC OSP-P500 Quickens Manufacturing DX In Machining

Okuma’s Next-Generation CNC OSP-P500 Quickens Customer’s Manufacturing DX In Machining

With an aim to accelerate customer’s manufacturing digital transformation (DX), industries are poised to harness the power of cutting-edge technologies to optimise operations, drive innovation, and achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency in machining.

In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, pursuit of technological excellence is crucial. Okuma’s next-generation CNC “OSP-P500,” is equipped with an advanced Digital Twin that faithfully reproduces machine control and machining operations is created to enable ultra-fast machining times (1/1000 of the actual machining time) and ultra-high-accuracy estimates.

An office PC can perform simulations resembling actual machines, and this enables improved machine utilisation rates by front-loading the results of simulations to actual machines. The operation panel has also been redesigned for improved visibility and ease of use.

Operators unfamiliar with NC programming language can perform the series of part machining operations from preparation to machining and inspection by simply following the guidance. Dramatically improved computing processing performance shortens cycle times that are up to 15% compared to same machining program.

ECO suite plus is provided as standard for enhancing visualisation of CO2 emissions and allowing improved intermittent operation of peripheral equipment. The synergy with the Thermo-Friendly Concept (Manageable Deformation–Accurately Controlled) contributes to decarbonisation while maintaining high accuracy and productivity.


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