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Image Source: ONA

Image Source: ONA

ONA Electroerosion Open Day Workshops

Basque Country, Spain: ONA has opened its doors on the 29 and 31 May 2018 to share its electro-erosion experience, putting on display a wide range of wire electro-erosion and die-sinking solutions.

With a work philosophy oriented towards the customer, ONA has organised this event with the aim of showcasing its customers all its capability for increasing the profitability of their businesses with more precise and reliable machines.

Over 300 visitors attending the event have been able to get to know first-hand the actual solutions of the most dem

anding customers in industries such as energy, aerospace, automotive, moulds, micro-machining, electronics, etc.

During the event, ONA’s experts have been available to provide information and to answer questions on topics in the following areas:

  • Customised solutions
  • Automation
  • Industry 4.0 applications
  • Large-sized machines with over 70 different configurations
  • Some actual, real-life solutions provided to customers

The R&D Team Presented The Most Advanced And Recent Solutions Developed By ONA

Customers have had the opportunity to verify ONA’s commitment to Research and Development (R&D), discovering the latest technological improvements developed by the Basque company, which are always oriented towards optimising its customers’ productivity.

  • New oversized dual-head die-sinking electro-erosion machines, automated with electrode changing robots for the manufacturing of large size moulds. It is worth highlighting the ONA TQX10 machine using this technology purchased by the multinational Concours Mold, Inc. The Canadian company is a leader in the American market in the manufacturing of injection moulds for the automotive industry.
  • Special solution for the automated manufacturing of rings for the aerospace industry using wire electro-erosion.
  • The latest innovations in the manufacturing and development of aerospace applications. Speaking of EDM cutting-edge technology, it is worth highlighting the die-sinking electro-erosion machines equipped with generators of up to 400 Amps used, among other applications, for the EDM machining of jet engine casings. As a prime example of the technological progress in wire electro-erosion, we have been able to see machines with 7 simultaneously-controlled axes, used for manufacturing turbine components.
  • The new ONA QX6+ model die-sinking electro-erosion machine for the manufacturing of large injection square-shaped moulds that can be used either for appliances manufacturing or for general manufacturing.
  • The ONA AV130 model, the largest wire electro-erosion machine on the market with a cutting capacity for heights of up to 800 mm.

ONA’s Applications Team Has Carried Out Live Tests On Machines

Image Source: ONA

Throughout the event, ONA’s applications team has performed several live tests of general applications for customers from industries such as moulds, general mechanical engineering, tooling, die-stamping, etc. so that the over 300 visitors have been able to directly ascertain first-hand the productivity improvements offered by ONA’s new machines.

ONA’s Open Day Workshops have become an unbeatable opportunity to get know the most significant innovations made in the industry, directly from the hand of the manufacturer with the most experience in the electro-erosion market.

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