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Open Data Communication Revolutionising Measurement Technology

Open Data Communication Revolutionising Measurement Technology

As digital transformation sweeps through industries, ensuring its success requires the OPC UA GMS (Geometric Measuring Systems) interface. This interface, championed by a dedicated group within the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA), holds the promise of paving the way for vendor-neutral communication in the realm of measurement.

Measurement technology has a major role in Industry 4.0. A crucial factor for the success of the digital transformation is the OPC UA GMS (geometric measuring systems) interface, which a working group of the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) hopes will pave the way for vendor-neutral communication in measuring. Three exhibitors at EMO Hannover – Mahr, Wenzel and Zeiss – explained their strategies to improve metrology workflows through their involvement in this group.

Quality is decided by the precision of the instrument, Henry Ford once claimed. The automotive pioneer who, together with Frederick Winslow Taylor, originated quality management over a century ago, would surely be amazed at the precision offered by today’s digital measurement technology.

Especially since it is now so different to what he understood by quality management: at that time, measurements were only taken at the end of the production process. This method was subsequently replaced by measuring at an earlier stage within the process (inline measurement).

The communication of measurement results or correction values to the machine tools has since allowed companies to optimise their quality assurance and significantly increase productivity. This is where the open, vendor-neutral OPC UA GMS and I++ DME interfaces come into play.

It ensures efficient and precise data exchange between different machines and manufacturers, and opens the door to the integration of measurement technology in the digital factory.

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