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OpenAI Slaughtered Its Golden Goose — Sam Altman

OpenAI Slaughters Its Golden Goose — Sam Altman

From intellectual property theft to a parody of Steve Jobs’ experience — being driven out by the company he founded, Sam Altman’s case is making the world hold its breath for what is next for OpenAI, if not Microsoft.

The earth shook when headlines of Altman’s ousting hit the press. Till today, no further information is disclosed on the big “WHY?”. Their communications teams threaded carefully by claiming the board lost confidence in Altman’s management practices; not receiving the transparency it rightfully deserved.

If we look back, OpenAI thrusted several industries into controversy this year alone. From media reporting to chip coding, the chatbot was deemed as something that could either make or break industries by creating a new generation of jobs or eliminating them altogether. Altman is said to be pursuing a new concept, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and reportedly hinted on the idea of machines performing tasks better than humans.

When news broke that Altman was shown the door, hordes of staff threatened mass resignation unless the board took him back. One of the petition signatures belonged to Ilya Sutskever, another Co-founder and Chief Scientist of OpenAI. He also happens to be one of the primary brains behind the large language model GPT-4.

Ilya Sutskever, another Co-founder and Chief Scientist of OpenAI

Sutskever had a hand in Altman’s ousting. Now, he joins the petition to have Altman reinstated, expressing full remorse of his prior actions that caused Altman’s exit.

As fate would have it, when over 90% signed the letter demanding his reinstating or they will leave, Microsoft stepped in to hire Altman, along with offering his supporters jobs should they be keen. This is a golden opportunity for Microsoft to strengthen its own AI chatbot after witnessing the the exponential success of OpenAI.

Many conglomerates have gone on the path of creating their own AI chatbots but it was not without suffering from serious blunders. For the metalworking world, even Nvidia’s leader acknowledged the power of AI that he conceded coding can be done by just about anyone who knows programming language.

At the end of it all, many still hold onto the mentality that AI is the technology that will redefine how work is done across several industries. However, giving credit where it is due — considering Microsoft invited Altman onboard after OpenAI’s dumping, the latter totally missed the point they have killed their golden goose.


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