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Plant And Machinery Valuation – EDM Wire Cutting Machines

Plant And Machinery Valuation – EDM Wire Cutting Machines

Rohit Prakash Pawar (student) and Prof. Amol K. Raundal from Sandip University, outline the steps in assessing the value of EDM Wire Cutting Equipment for the best valuation price.


Apart from estimating assets’ worth, valuation also involves evaluating the legal rights associated with ownership of tangible or intangible entities. It comprises three primary operations: estimating production or replacement cost, forecasting its monetary earning power, and determining the overall worth.

Valuation plays an instrumental role in business; investment decisions, buying and selling, loan approvals, and mortgages. It is particularly significant when appraising firms and projects.

Specialised knowledge and skills are required for proper valuations. A competent appraiser must be familiar with the type of assets assessed, have an understanding of relevant laws, regulations, and constraints governing the rights of use and enjoyment of those assets.

This paper examines the valuation process, emphasises its interdisciplinary aspects, covering economic, market, legal, and technical considerations. Additionally, it highlights various purposes where valuation is required — from insurance and taxation to sale/purchase transactions, leasing, and collateral security.

Furthermore, it delves into valuating plant and machinery, classed into two categories: assets forming part of the building services installation, and process plant building, machinery, and equipment. Factors influencing both plant and machinery value are discussed, including physical, social, economic, and legal aspects. These factors are crucial for accurate machinery value estimating.

Apart from a comprehensive understanding of the valuation process, this paper assesses depreciation factors affecting machinery value, estimating the true value of assets, and exploring different methodologies. Additionally, evaluate future expectations of machinery, determine fair market value of specific equipment, and analyse maintenance and repair histories. Lastly, assess obsolescence and technological advancements that may impact the value of assets. 


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