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Power Of Industry 4.0 Unlocked At METALTECH & AUTOMEX 2024

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Power Of Industry 4.0 Unlocked At METALTECH & AUTOMEX 2024

Power Of Industry 4.0 showcased at METALTECH & AUTOMEX 2024 in Malaysia propels the country’s manufacturing sector towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

Industry 4.0 showcased at Southeast Asia’s biggest event for the metalworking, machine tools, and automation industries opened with a prestigious ceremony graced by YBhg. Datuk Hanafi Sakri, Deputy Secretary General (Industry) of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). YBhg. Tan Sri Dato Sri Dr Hj Mohd Nasir Bin Mohd Ashraf, Organising Chairman, Informa Markets Malaysia, YBhg. Dato Dr Tan Chin Huat, Chairman of METALTECH & AUTOMEX, and Gerard Leeuwenburgh, Country General Manager of Informa Markets Malaysia, were also present. The ceremony highlighted the significance of METALTECH & AUTOMEX 2024 as a platform for growth and innovation in Malaysia’s manufacturing sector.

Datuk Hanafi delivered a keynote address about Malaysia’s manufacturing sector.

“We are witnessing impressive growth, with investments surging to RM152 billion, a remarkable 80.3% increase compared to the previous year,” he declared. He continued by emphasising the importance of METALTECH & AUTOMEX, saying, “These exhibitions play a crucial role in propelling Malaysia towards becoming a regional leader in smart manufacturing, advanced technologies, and high-tech industries.”

METALTECH & AUTOMEX 2024 boasts an unparalleled showcase, featuring over 1,500 brands and companies from 40 countries. With 18,000 trade buyers and visitors anticipated from 49 countries, the event is poised to be a dynamic hub for forging new partnerships and exploring the future of manufacturing.

Themed “Industry 4.0 Innovations: Powering Malaysia’s Manufacturing Future,” the event places a strong emphasis on the transformative potential of Industry 4.0. Visitors can delve into dedicated pavilions from industry leaders in Germany, South Korea, mainland China, Singapore, and Taiwan region, all showcasing groundbreaking solutions in automation, robotics, and digital manufacturing.

“This year’s METALTECH & AUTOMEX goes beyond just speed,” said Mr. Gerard Leeuwenburgh, Country General Manager of Informa Markets in Malaysia. “The theme highlights how Industry 4.0 advancements can optimise processes, drive efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainability. Businesses can discover eco-friendly technologies that minimise environmental impact, achieving a future where efficiency and sustainability go hand-in-hand.”

The manufacturing landscape is undergoing a revolution. AI, robotics, and the IoT are fundamentally reshaping how products are designed, produced, and delivered. METALTECH & AUTOMEX 2024 empowers businesses to stay ahead of the curve by providing a platform to explore these trends, connect with solutions providers, and gain valuable insights from industry experts.

“METALTECH & AUTOMEX 2024 isn’t just an exhibition; it’s a game-changer for Malaysian manufacturers. By showcasing the latest Industry 4.0 advancements – from automation to AI-powered solutions – the event serves as a vital launchpad for progress. These innovations hold the key to greater efficiency, enhanced sustainability, and a stronger position in the global marketplace,” emphasised Dato Dr Tan Chin Huat, Chairman of METALTECH & AUTOMEX.

In addition to the exhibition, METALTECH & AUTOMEX 2024 featured a comprehensive program of industry-leading seminars, offering valuable insights and knowledge-sharing opportunities for manufacturers and professionals navigating the evolving industrial landscape.

Following the opening ceremony, Guest of Honour, YBhg. Datuk Hanafi Sakri, along with Chairman Dato Dr Tan Chin Huat and Country General Manager Gerard Leeuwenburgh, embarked on a tour of the exhibition floor. This high-profile visit presents a golden opportunity for exhibitors. It allows them to directly showcase their cutting-edge technologies and solutions to key decision-makers, potentially leading to valuable partnerships and business deals.

METALTECH & AUTOMEX 2024 is a global stage for industry giants to showcase their latest cutting-edge technologies for the first time. From pioneering advancements in automation and robotics to revolutionary solutions in digital manufacturing, this event offers a glimpse into the future of the industry.







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