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Renaissance Of 3D Metalworking And Its Role In Advancing Technological Frontiers

Renaissance Of 3D Metalworking And Its Role In Advancing Technological Frontiers

The manufacturing and engineering sectors have experienced a profound transformation, courtesy of rising 3D metalworking technologies. Nikhil Kaitwade from Future Market Insights walks APMEN through the new markets created by additive manufacturing (AM).

Additive manufacturing was once considered a niche concept, has now become an awe-inspiring force, dramatically altering the industrial landscape. The integration of 3D metal printing with advanced materials, software, and automation has opened up new possibilities and redefined traditional approaches to design and production.

A Concise Chronicle 3D Metalworking

The world witnessed the inception of a groundbreaking concept, 3D printing in the 1980s. Initially centered on plastic materials, this revolutionary technology soon set its sights on a more ambitious target: metals.

Thus, the advent of 3D metal printing, also referred to as metal additive manufacturing, marked a turning point in the manufacturing landscape. At its nascent stage, 3D metal printing encountered a series of hurdles, including constrained material options, steep expenses, and limited scalability. However, persistent research and development efforts paved the way for substantial improvements and broadened its applications.

Empowering The Tool Manufacturing Industry

The tool manufacturing sector is experiencing a revolution with 3D metalworking. Designing and producing intricate tooling components with improved durability and performance is now possible. This transformation empowers toolmakers to deliver high-quality products, enhance productivity, and optimise overall manufacturing processes.


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