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Renishaw Unveils Its Suite Of Technologies For Industrial Automation

Renishaw Unveils Its Suite Of Technologies For Industrial Automation

Renishaw, the global player in metrology debuted its extensive range of technologies for productive and sustainable manufacturing, global precision engineering and manufacturing technologies company at EMO Hannover 2023 in Germany.

Renishaw showcased a range of new products that deliver improved performance accuracy and repeatability, including a new line of products for industrial automation, and Renishaw Central, its new smart manufacturing data platform. As part of EMO Hannover’s focus on the future of business and connectivity, Renishaw highlighted the capabilities that make it a trusted partner in innovation.

Visitors were acquainted with Renishaw’s technologies that help increase manufacturing productivity, eliminate user error and improve production processes. This included its new data-driven solution, Renishaw Central: a manufacturing connectivity and data platform that collates and presents data collected throughout manufacturing processes, enabling users to monitor and update machining and quality control systems. The data platform can digitalise, visualise and control manufacturing and measurement processes, helping Renishaw achieve a 69% reduction in automation stoppages in its own machine shops.

Supporting Automation Efficiency

Renishaw’s new product line designed for the industrial automation market will also be on the stand, aiming to transform the process of commissioning and servicing industrial automation technologies. The range comprises three products: RCS L-90, RCS T-90 and RCS P-series, all supported by a dedicated software suite to help simplify robot set-up, health checks and recovery of robotic applications following collisions.

“Manufacturers across Europe — ourselves included — are facing multiple challenges to increase automation and become more productive, competitive and sustainable while overcoming skills shortages and major technology shifts in the automotive industry,” explained Paul Maxted, Director of Industrial Metrology Applications at Renishaw.

“We’re looking forward to showcasing our wide range of technologies for smart manufacturing, process automation and increased digitalisation around CNC machining. Visitors at our booth at EMO Hannover discovered innovative solutions for shopfloor metrology and consolidating end-to-end process data for closed-loop CNC automation, manufacturing traceability and ongoing process and product optimisation.”


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