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Renishaw's Equator Gauging System Ensures Pneumatic Component Quality

Renishaw’s Equator Gauging System Ensures Pneumatic Component Quality

Increasing pressure on high-volume production, whilst maintaining strict part tolerances, demanded a move away from traditional manual inspection and measurement techniques. Renishaw’s Equator gauging system ensured AirTAC kept pace with rising quality goals while boosting productivity.

AirTAC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pneumatic components. Its extensive range of products includes cylinders, valves and FRL (filter, regulator, and lubricator) systems used by OEMs and system integrators in a variety of sectors, including electronics, automotive, packaging and construction.

Established in Taiwan in 1988, AirTAC operates three large-scale manufacturing plants; one in Tainan (Taiwan) and two in Guangdong and Ningbo (China). At its Ningbo site alone, AirTAC occupies an area of more than 400,000 m2 and runs 39 factories. The site holds over 1,000
machine tools and other production equipment, with a single department producing more than 3,000 individually numbered components.

From Manual To Automated Inspection

Over time, the sheer scale of AirTAC’s growing manufacturing operations presented increasing technical and commercial challenges for the part inspection process. The continued growth in the number of different parts, the large production volumes and extensive machine tool operations contributed to these challenges.

Historically, the company employed a range of conventional manual inspection techniques, including callipers and depth gauges. With rising costs, these labour intensive and time consuming techniques were becoming detrimental to the company’s finances.

Mr Wang, Manager of AirTAC’s Quality Control Department, explained, “We wanted to ensure high quality on our products. It can be extremely difficult to guarantee a high level of consistency when measuring large volumes of parts per department only using traditional tools such as callipers, micrometers, and magnetic guide rails.”


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