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Resolving Wire-Cut EDM Challenges With Sodick's Innovative Solutions

Resolving Wire-Cut EDM Challenges With Sodick’s Innovative Solutions

As industries continue to automate their manufacturing processes, the demand for Wire-Cut EDM machines rises. Nevertheless, it is a technology not without its share of challenges, which Sodick’s portfolio of Wire-Cut EDM equipment effectively tackles.

Wire-Cut EDM is a machining process that uses electrical discharges (sparks) to remove material from a workpiece. It is commonly used for cutting and shaping complex geometries in metals, particularly when high precision and tight tolerances are required.

In Wire-Cut EDM, a thin wire electrode is used to create the spark that erodes material from the workpiece. Sodick machines typically feature automatic wire threading systems and advanced wire tension control to ensure stable and consistent cutting.

Sodick wire-cut machines are known for their high precision and accuracy. They can produce intricate and fine details with tight tolerances, making them suitable for applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics.

Sodick’s Innovative ALiG+E Solutions

While EDM is is a highly effective method, it also comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. One common challenge in EDM is surface finishing. Essentially, achieving the desired surface finish can be tricky. The process often leaves a rough or textured surface, which may require additional finishing operations, like grinding or polishing.

Sodick address this with its Advanced Smart Pulse. Mounted on the AL Series, it has the flexibility to control from high peak current for highly efficient rough machining to ultra fine discharge pulse for super fine finishing. This is due to current control, which is a critical aspect of EDM. Proper current control is essential for achieving accurate and consistent results in EDM. 

Additionally, Sodick’s portfolio of technologies include a new function of rust-less concentration measurement is easier to use. This is a rust-preventive/anti-corrosion technology that utilises both electrical and chemical technologies.

It ensures protecting the workpiece from rust longer. Sodick’s AL series are equipped with a linear motor that maintains high-speed drive and high-precision positioning on four all XYUV axes.

The linear motor drive is a non-contact direct drive system; unlike ball screw drive, it enables high-speed and accurate axis movement without making any mechanical conversion error. The linear motor drive is also economic and ecological as it is free from age deterioration due to wear and needs fewer components. With no changes in roundness 10 years after installation, it keeps a high level of precision as a maintenance-free motor.

Sodick’s AL Wire-Cut EDM Series has the most efficient “discharge” comes from “insulation”. Sodick inhouse manufactured ceramics parts have excellent wear resistance, corrosion and heat resistance, with hardness next to diamond as well as high insulation properties.

In addition, it has small thermal displacement and does not deteriorate over time. Ceramics manufactured by Sodick have a high affinity with eco. The lightweight material greatly helps decrease motor load. High insulation characteristics also contribute to high discharge efficiency. With a small coefficient of thermal expansion, it is effective for thermal displacement against ambient temperature changes.

Digital-PIKA-W / W Plus, a high frequency digital finishing circuit controls discharge pulses by the nanosecond for high efficient machining. It can also improve the quality of finished surfaces while reducing machining time and the number of machining operations, even for thick workpieces, micromachining, and material with high inclination that are difficult to machine. Its super-BS High Speed Electroless Circuit also prevents oxidation, softening, and pitting corrosion of the machined surface due to electrolysis.

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