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Rever Automotive To Assemble BYD CVs in Thailand

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Rever Automotive Builds And Tests BYD Buses In Thailand

Bangkok based Rever Automotive Thailand has signed a licensing agreement to assemble battery powered trucks and buses from ‘knocked down’ kits supplied by BYD. They are on trial runs now.

Source: Global Data & The Nation

Thai distributor for BYD said its Rever Bus and Truck Company subsidiary planned to build an assembly plant for commercial vehicles but did not detail a time line for construction. The company’s electric buses are also shipped to other export markets including the UK, in kit form for local assembly. 

The company said it expected to produce locally a number of body components for these vehicles, including interior and exterior parts, while sourcing technology directly from BYD including iron phosphate batteries and six in one motor controllers.

Rever Automotive Thailand CEO Pratarnwong Phornprapha said the new plant would support Thailand’s goal of becoming a regional production hub for battery powered transport vehicles while creating local jobs and generating revenue for the Thai economy. The electric bus has begun a test run on Bangkok’s streets, offering free rides to commuters in the Thong Lo area until 30 April 2024.

Pratarnwong added testing on actual streets is an important step for the company following the recent approval for BYD to establish an assembly factory for EV buses and trucks in Thailand. This will be BYD’s first assembly facility outside of China.

BYD head of Asia Pacific sales, Liu Xueliang, said, after collaborating with Rever group for the last two years, he was confident that their deal would grow to lead Thailand’s EV industry in coming years, adding BYD was ready to supply products to help meet the demands of the transport sector.

BYD also plans to supply kits for assembly of battery powered buses in Indonesia by local distributor PT VKTR Technology Mobility (VKTR), a subsidiary of resourcing and energy firm Bakrie Group.

The test run has been using BYD’s B70 bus model to pick up and drop off passengers at shopping malls and tourist attractions in the Thong Lo area, one of Bangkok’s busiest business districts.



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