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Roll Forming: How To Get The Most Out Of Thin Materials

Roll Forming: How To Get The Most Out Of Thin Materials

Andrea Dallan, CEO of Italy-based Dallan Spa explains it’s a different ball game processing thin materials in roll forming, as it requires very different calculation and adjustment tools compared to thick materials. 

The thinner the material, the more difficult it is to evaluate the spring back for open profiles, as well as for closed profiles. At Dallan, we have been developing specific calculation tools and algorithms for thin metal sheets since 1978. This has driven the development of our company and has become the distinctive factor of Dallan machines and equipment.

The image shows the accuracy of Dallan roll forming machines in a comparison between the theoretical design and the final result of a rolling shutter profile with a thickness of 0.20mm plus paint. The rolling shutter profile is one of the most technical made by Dallan systems. Since it is not a static profile, the hook needs to work correctly during winding and unwinding for the entire lifetime of the product.

The Original 1974 Study Of Thin Materials

In 2019, 45 years after its publication, we published the thesis written in Italian. It was written by our founder, Sergio Dallan, for his university degree.

The subject was the cold forming of thin metal sheets. Starting from this study, entitled “The Design Of Rollers For Light Profiles”, published in its original version and complete with all its formulas, our company gradually began to develop, first as a design studio, subsequently as a manufacturer of roll forming machines for the Italian market followed by the international market. 

The formulas were included in the original Dallan roller development software, which we still use today. It has been updated with the experience accumulated in 40 years of work.

Characteristics Of Coatings For Roll Forming And Bending Radii

In addition to developing special techniques for thin materials, from the very beginning we started working in sectors such as metal suspended ceilings and rolling shutters, where many profiles are made of pre-painted material. When forming an aesthetic profile with a pre-finished surface, particular attention is needed in the design to guarantee product quality.



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