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Image source:  Rolls-Royce — R2 Data Labs

Image source: Rolls-Royce — R2 Data Labs

Rolls-Royce Aims To Mentor AI & IoT Start-Ups

London, UK: Power systems manufacturer Rolls-Royce’s data innovation team, R2 Data Labs, has partnered with IoT Tribe North, an accelerator for technology start-ups.

The partnership will see the data innovation team provide mentoring and technical support to new companies specialising in artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). The partnership reflects R2 Data Labs’ commitment to collaborative innovation and building an ecosystem of partners that harnesses the latest technologies from a wide community of innovators.

Caroline Gorski, director, global ecosystem and partnerships, R2 Data Labs, said: “Working with IoT Tribe helps us to engage with technology innovators who can challenge our ideas, bring us new technical insights and encourage our employees to get a broader perspective on the possibilities of data innovation. At the same time, we also get to help those innovators to succeed, and share in their pace, inventiveness and energy.”

The partnership with IoT Tribe is part of a 12-week programme for Internet of Things start-ups, based at a digital media centre in South Yorkshire, UK. Sixty start-ups competed for the chance to participate in the programme, of which nine were taken forward. The founders come from all around the globe, from the UK to Colombia, and span diverse fields including digital manufacturing, green technology, health and logistics.

Tanya Suarez, chief executive officer and founder of IoT Tribe, said: “The evidence gathered to date shows that it can be three times faster and five times cheaper to work with start-ups rather than try to develop new key-enabling technologies internally.”

Rolls-Royce already partners with Tata Consultancy Services and Microsoft, both digital service providers.

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