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Salvagnini Has The Ideal Press Brake For Every Need

Salvagnini Has The Ideal Press Brake For Every Need

Automatic set-up and tool change are the two most valuable assets of Salvagnini press brakes. Learn how Salvagnini B3.AU-TO press brake designed by combining electric and hydraulic solutions significantly extends the machine tool’s availability, autonomy, and flexibility. 

The Salvagnini B3.AU-TO press brake relieves pressure on companies dealing with manual tools set-up time and down time for feeding, programming, part manipulation and controls. Available in four models, with bending length up to 3 or 4 metres and maximum force of 170 or 220 tonnes, the Salvagnini B3.AU-TO enables companies to better cope with a dynamic market, which demands increasingly smaller batches, kit productions or batch-ones with very short lead times.

The AU-TO automatic tool change device and the ATA automatic tool adjuster, which adjusts the length of the stations, significantly reduce the press brake re-tooling, increasing autonomy and productivity, and also reducing the lead time.

Distinctive features of the B3.AU-TO include the Salvagnini-patented upper and lower automatic tool change unit. Additionally:

  • AU-TO reduces set-up times and increases the availability of the press brake. The operations are rapid and in cycle, even in masked time, increases its efficiency.
  • AU-TO has the smallest footprint on the market. The tool store is covered and located in the rear part of the B3. It can contain up to 24 metres of tools up to 1000mm in length without segmentation.
  • AU-TO makes the most out of the ATA devices, used to automatically adjust the upper and lower bending tool length, saving time and increasing production efficiency.
  • AU-TO assures full flexibility for tools, because the press brake allows mixed tooling: after the automatic tool change and set-up, the B3.AU-TO allows the manual integration of standard WILA tools or special tools, such as hemming tools, on the bend line.

B3 Equals Precision

All Salvagnini B3 press brakes are equipped with the following precision features:

  • 0– a set of integrated adaptive technologies that make the system intelligent and cancel out waste and corrections.
  • S-Crowning– the mechanical crowning system that ensures consistent bending angles along the entire bending length: as the parameters – material, thickness, length and therefore the required bending force – change, the effective curvature of the lower table is measured and compensated in real time, without any operator intervention.
  • 0– Total Frame Control, prevents deviations in the bending angle using an algorithm derived from the FEM study of each model. TFC2.0 compensates any in-cycle deformations of the press brake structure according to the variations in the characteristics of the part being processed.

AMS is a laser angle measurement system that detects and corrects variations in the bending angle due to sheet metal springback. Regardless of the length of the press brake and of the part being bent, the angle is always measured in one single point: this approach helps reduce the cycle time without compromising on precision.



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