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Sandvik And BEAMIT Advances Additive Manufacturing

Sandvik And BEAMIT Advances Additive Manufacturing

Sandvik And BEAMIT Advances Additive Manufacturing

Sandvik and BEAMIT have made several important advances in metal additive manufacturing (AM) over the last six months. Most recently the BEAMIT Group acquired ZARE, meaning that two leading additive manufacturing service bureaus in Europe join forces to become one of the largest independent AM service providers, serving the most demanding industries.

In July 2019, Sandvik acquired a significant stake in leading European-based AM service provider BEAMIT, with the right to further increase its stake over time. BEAMIT is a trusted supplier of advanced metal AM-components to demanding industries, including e.g. aerospace, space, automotive and energy – with a number of relevant quality certifications, such as AS9100 for aerospace and heat treatments NADCAP approval. The company complements Sandvik’s additive manufacturing offer, which includes the widest range of metal powders for AM and leading expertise across the entire AM value chain.

Creating a leading am service provider with more than 100 employees

The merger of BEAMIT and ZARE has created an AM-organisation with more than 100 employees based at five facilities, all located within a 40 km area between Parma and Reggio Emilia in Italy. The new Group also has four commercial offices in France, Germany, the UK and Japan.

BEAMIT and ZARE will continue to operate under their respective brand names, but activities will be consolidated under the BEAMIT Group. Together the service offering encompasses a range of materials, different AM process technologies, post processing methods and critical quality certifications aligned to demanding industries like aerospace, defense and energy.

BEAMIT’s acquisition of ZARE, follows their recent investment in PRES-X, which specialises in AM post-processing. PRES-X is the first company in Europe with the capability to perform high pressure heat treatments on 3D printed production parts, along with other advanced post processing methods like roughness surface smoothening preparation on external and internal surfaces, depowdering etc.

New state-of-the-art powder plant for titanium and nickel-based super alloys

In parallel with the activities within the BEAMIT Group, Sandvik has recently commercialised a new state-of-the-art powder plant for Osprey titanium– and nickel-based super alloys, which means that the company offers the widest range of AM alloys on the market. The new plant already received the prestigious ‘AS9100 Revision D’ certification for deliveries to the aerospace industry – as well as the ‘ISO 13485:2016’ certification for deliveries to the medical segment. Sandvik’s powder production facilities in Neath, UK, has also recently been awarded the ‘AS9100D’ certification for aerospace.

Kristian Egeberg, President of Sandvik Additive Manufacturing, says: “The AM sector is developing fast and there is a need for AM-specialist-partners with the advanced skills and resources required to help industrial customers develop and launch their AM programs. The new AM-constellation consisting of Sandvik and the BEAMIT Group is extremely strong – and will provide our customers with the opportunity to access the complementary and combined power of several leading players, covering the entire AM value chain.”

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