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Schaeffler Expands Range Of Rotary Table Bearings, Torque Motors, And Linear Motors

Schaeffler Expands Range Of Rotary Table Bearings, Torque Motors, And Linear Motors

Schaeffler is meeting the challenges of the machine tool industry with new automation solutions that are characterised by even greater dynamics, precision, energy efficiency, and longer machine runtimes. 

Axial/Radial Rotary Table Bearings Up To 650 mm

Two new YRTS-series axial/radial bearings in sizes 580 and 650 now round off the range. These rotary table bearings are double-direction axial bearings with a screw mounting facility and a radial guidance bearing. They are very rigid, have a high load carrying capacity, and run with particularly high accuracy. Series YRTS is optimised for use at very high speeds and runs with low, uniform frictional torque across the whole speed range, making it particularly suitable for use in combination with high-speed torque motors.

All three rotary table and rotary axis bearings, YRTS, YRTC, and ZKLDF, can be used in any combination with the three RIB, RKIB, and SRV torque motor series from Schaeffler. As an additional option for these rolling bearings, the company also offers incremental and absolute angular measuring systems, which are integrated into the rotary table bearings.

Torque Motors With An Air Gap Diameter Of Up To 690 mm

As a fitting accompaniment to the size increase in the rotary table bearing range, Schaeffler will be offering its torque motors from the RKIB-series up to size 690. The range now includes air gap diameters from 298 to 690 mm.

Linear Motors Up 24,300 N

With the release of the new L7 series in twelve sizes, Schaeffler expands its range of linear motors with peak motors of up to 24,300 N, with the result that Schaeffler linear direct drives can now be used to a considerably greater extent both in handling systems and in the main axes of machine tools.

Compared with the current benchmark, the water-cooled, high-efficiency L7 linear motors offer a reduction of up to 50% in the power loss with the same drive force or an increase of up to 40% in the nominal force compared to the current benchmark. Depending on the operating strategy, the new linear motors can drastically reduce energy costs or cycle times.

The single row cylindrical roller bearing series N10 and double row cylindrical roller bearing series NN30 (ribs on the inner ring) and NNU49 (ribs on the outer ring) are an established part of Schaeffler’s super precision range. They are used in applications where the highest precision is required under very high radial load. One typical area of application is providing radial support for the main spindle. In this application, the bearings facilitate bearing arrangements with very high precision, high radial rigidity, and very high load carrying capacity.

Favourable Temperature Behaviour Exhibited By The Bearing Courtesy Of New Cage Design

Schaeffler’s N10 series complete with new internal geometry and new cage made from PEEK (suffix PVPA1-XL) is displayed at EMO 2023. The optimised cage – like its predecessor, which was also produced from PEEK – ensures particularly low friction, a low noise level, and less strain on the lubricant, making it the preferred material choice for use in high speed cylindrical roller bearings. Further benefits include a longer grease operating life and higher limiting speeds.

Unlike other cage designs on the market, the cage in the new N10 series is guided unilaterally on the outer ring, leading to a more rapid grease distribution cycle with lower maximum temperatures and to a lower bearing temperature level with smaller scatter. As a result, the non-locating bearing function is more reliable even in the highest speed ranges.

Advantages Of Pneumatic Oil Lubrication

The unilateral guidance of the cage allows excess oil to flow freely out of the bearing when pneumatic oil lubrication is used, giving a highly uniform temperature behaviour of the bearing. The new cage is also designed in such a way that oil can be supplied both axially and at an angle, with the result that the position of the oil spray nozzles does not have to be adjusted when switching from spindle bearings supplied by other manufacturers to the N10…PVPA1-XL version from Schaeffler. One consequence of the modified internal construction is the use of smaller cylindrical rollers, with the resulting positive effects on both rigidity and the maximum speed capabilities of the new bearings.

Hybrid Cylindrical Roller Bearings With Half The Number Of Rollers

In hybrid cylindrical roller bearings of series N10, the rollers are made from a high performance ceramic. In addition, the number of rollers is halved. This bearing variant is characterised by even less friction and wear, significantly reduced strain on the lubricant, and considerably lower temperatures in the bearing.

When these hybrid bearings are used, spindles and machinery achieve a considerably longer life and the systems are significantly more viable. Ceramic rollers also lead to increased rigidity in both static and dynamic terms, which has a positive effect on the final machining quality.

Maximum Adaptability: Spindle Bearing Portfolio

A complete overview of Schaeffler’s spindle bearing portfolio is offered at EMO 2023 Hannover. Visitors can learn about the different variants, properties, applications, and other features of the spindle bearing series, which are available in three different ball element sizes.

The main principle of the portfolio is also to provide full coverage for the wide range of existing spindle solutions with maximum adaptability from the modular system. There are also alternative rolling bearing steels, coatings, cage designs, and ceramic rolling elements to choose from, allowing exactly the right bearing configuration to be offered for practically every turning, milling, and grinding spindle.

Precision Strain Wave Gears In Machining Heads For Wood, Plastic, And Light Metal

Precision strain wave gears of series RT1 and RT2 are particularly suitable for driving small swivel axes, for use in the A axes of milling heads, and for driving milling tables used in the machining of light metals, wood materials, and plastics. Schaeffler also completes the RT1 series of precision strain wave gears to customer specifications with suitable motors and rotary encoders, to create ready-to-fit drive units. A precision strain wave gear with integrated torque sensor system is also available in the form of series RT1-T. XZU-series angular contact needle roller bearings provide an especially high-stiffness support solution for output shafts.

Precision Planetary Gearboxes: Virtually Backlash-Free And Particularly Durable

The compact dimensions, high rigidity, and hollow shaft of PSC-series precision planetary gearboxes render them suitable for driving both milling heads in the C axis and larger swiveling rotary tables – applications in which they also take on the task of supporting the swivel axis in conjunction with the integral main bearing.

In many cases, a second gearbox and reciprocal bracing to compensate for torsional backlash is not required as the gearboxes feature a mechanism that automatically compensates for torsional backlash and wear on an ongoing basis and ensures an extremely low torsional backlash of ≤ 0.1 angular minutes. This extremely small torsional backlash also remains constant throughout the entire operating life of 20,000 hours.

With just one gearbox and the integrated main bearing arrangement, an extremely streamlined mechanical structure is achieved with comparatively few components, providing a highly economical drive and bearing solution for swing bridges. PSC gearboxes are available as mounting kits with a solid or hollow shaft, with or without a helical input stage, and as closed units with or without a right angle pre-stage for motor attachment.

Nine sizes ranging from 030 to 500 Nm, with planetary stage transmission ratios between 9 and 20, input stage transmission ratios from 3.4 to 15.7, and outside diameters from 155 to 405 mm, are available as standard. With the PSC range of precision planetary gearboxes, Schaeffler also covers drive solutions beneath the direct-drive swivel tables.

In addition to demanding, dynamic five-axis simultaneous milling operations, other applications include precise five-sided machining with a highly cost-effective and precision drive that has been subjected to large-scale testing.

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