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Image Source: Seco Tools

Image Source: Seco Tools

Seco Tools: T4-12 helical milling cutters

Seco Tools has expanded its popular family of T4-12 helical milling cutters to include five new cutters for economical and versatile roughing and semi-finishing operations. The addition of three metric and two imperial sizes makes Seco’s range of long-reach, replaceable-end tangential helical cutters the industry’s most complete, spanning diameters from 40 mm to 100 mm.

Designed specifically with aerospace manufacturers in mind, the new long reach cutters with HSK-100A back ends optimize side-milling operations. With replaceable ends, the cutters allow for custom solutions if needed and the capability to replace the first row of pocket seats without replacing the entire system.

The cutters excel in applications with sticky materials such as stainless steels and high temperature alloys. The high-positive, free-cutting insert geometries and grades boost tool life, while the tangentially mounted multi-edged inserts enable efficient chip flow and provide stability.

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