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Siemens and Microsoft are jointly bringing the offering of MindSphere on Azure Stack, a cloud-based IoT operating system, to customers in Singapore.

Siemens and Microsoft are jointly bringing the offering of MindSphere on Azure Stack, a cloud-based IoT operating system, to customers in Singapore.

Siemens MindSphere on Microsoft Azure Stack Goes Live in Singapore MindSphere Application Center

Siemens is bringing MindSphere, the cloud-based, open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system, to Microsoft Azure Stack for customers in Singapore. Azure Stack extends Azure so customers can consistently build and run hybrid applications across cloud and on-premises. Azure Stack enables organizations to build modern apps across different environments with the flexibility and control they need. In Singapore, MindSphere is now available on Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure, as well as Azure Stack.

MindSphere connects products, systems, machines, and whole factories, enabling customers to harness the wealth of IoT data with advanced analytics. MindSphere on Azure offers the best of both worlds —Siemens’ leadership in Industry 4.0 combined with Microsoft’s cloud platform computing expertise. Now, Siemens is bringing this offering to Singapore, to help customers optimize efficiency, availability, performance effectiveness of their assets and processes.

Microsoft and Siemens have built a strong partnership over the years to bring leading innovations to customers that support digitalization and Industrial Internet of Things.

Steffen D. Endler, Head of Siemens IoT Digital Consulting in ASEAN, noted, “We’re seeing high interest and adoption of private cloud across a number of sectors including manufacturing, utilities, critical infrastructure and healthcare. This makes perfect sense, as these sectors have some of the most stringent regulatory requirements and typically also some legacy systems. These customers, whose data cannot leave the borders of the country or even of the premises, but who nevertheless want to benefit from a proven IoT platform and want to utilize existing cloud-based IOT applications can deploy this with such an innovative solution.”

Çağlayan Arkan, Vice President, Manufacturing Industry at Microsoft, added, “Bringing MindSphere to Microsoft Azure Stack empowers manufacturers to seize new IoT business opportunities while meeting their compliance and regulatory requirements.”

Siemens IoT Digital Consulting offers customers a one-stop contact for getting help with their digital transformation. From getting the IoT strategy right, to designing and developing the right prototypes that are able to scale all the way to an effective roll-out and transformation strategy, the newly established Singapore-based consulting unit supports its clients in Asia-Pacific to drive concrete business outcomes from the implementation of IoT in Cloud and on-premise or on the Edge across geographies.

Customers are invited to work with the Siemens’ MindSphere Application Center in Singapore to sharpen and validate their IoT ideas with the help of the private cloud MindSphere solution.



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