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Siemens Mobility To Develop China’s Intelligent Infrastructure

Siemens Mobility To Develop China’s Intelligent Infrastructure

Siemens Mobility was recently awarded the fully automated CBTC system for two key Chinese metro lines in Eastern China: Suzhou Metro Line 5 and Nanjing Metro Line 7. The cities, which collectively have more than 12 million residents, are two of the largest cities in the region. China’s rapid urbanisation in both cities requires fast and intelligent planning of transportation systems that will ease congestion and provide passengers a more reliable and efficient commute. Initial operations for both lines are planned for 2021.

“We’re committed to delivering intelligent infrastructure projects that enhance passenger experience. Suzhou Metro Line 5 and Nanjing Metro Line 7 projects exemplify China’s commitment to innovative transportation solutions. With Siemens Mobility’s fully automated signaling system Trainguard MT, the country’s mass transit systems will be able to handle the passenger demands of tomorrow,” stated Michael Peter, CEO of Siemens Mobility.

The Suzhou Metro Line 5 is 44.1km long and stretches across 34 stations connecting the east of the city to the west. The line will connect key industrial areas as well as the old town, Gusu District. The line is an important element of the city’s urban planning, easing congestion and connecting new and historic urban areas. The metro currently has three metro lines in operation, serving more than 1.1 million riders a day, with a plan to add an additional four new lines, including Line 5.

With a daily ridership of more than four million, Nanjing Metro is the fourth largest metro system within China. Nanjing Metro Line 7 connects about 35km and 27 stations running parallel to the Yangtze River in a southwestern direction, across the Qixia District, Gulou District, Jianye District and Yuhuatai District. Upon completion, it will effectively ease the traffic pressure in the urban center, protect the ancient city’s landscape and promote Nanjing’s sustainable development.

Siemens Mobility has provided advanced CBTC systems for 26 lines in 17 cities of more than 13 countries, reaching a total mileage of more than 1,800 kilometers. For more than 30 years, Siemens Mobility’s CBTC systems have guaranteed their smooth operation effectively. Apart from securing the train’s automated operation and serving mass transit lines with large capacity, CBTC also makes the operation more efficient and sustainable.


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