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Predictive maintenance solution from sound

How to use AI-based predictive maintenance solutions

Singaporean Crypto-Miner Uses Sound to Create an AI-Based Maintenance Solution for Machines

The world’s largest manufacturers lose close to $1 trillion a year due to machine failure.

In an email interview with APMEN, Leon Lim, Founder and CEO of Groundup.AI talks about the difficulties industrial companies face in adopting AI-based predictive maintenance solutions — the mechanics of sound-first AI-based predictive maintenance solutions and how they can be applied across manufacturing, construction, and maritime industries, the ways in which Groundup.AI’s solution can help industrial companies prevent unplanned downtime and reduce unnecessary wastages and lastly, Groundup.AI’s vision and expansion strategy moving forward.

It was from Leon’s grueling practice as a crypto-miner, spending countless hours maintaining computer servers, listening to their every digital crank, that he realise the relativity between the sound of server engines to car engines, that the same predictive theory can be applied to machine maintenance.

Manually dealing with unplanned downtime was excruciating and costly, and Leon knew that something had to be done to put a spurt on the process and fill the gaping aperture in maintenance efficiency.




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